Towelroot V3 APK {Latest Update by Geohot}

Towelroot V3 APK Download for Android Phones {Spoiler: Works on ALL Devices}

Towelroot V3 APK is an android rooting application which works on exploiting some core Android kernel vulnerabilities. This simple APK file was developed by gehot who is an android dev who offers various rooting methods for android phones.

Towelroot is one of a kind tool that is used for rooting your android device.If you are looking for Towelroot V3 APK which is the previous version of the towelroot you can say it’s the first stable release from the developer which supports many devices.

Towelroot V3 APK

Towelroot V3 is the first stable release from the geohot developer which support a pretty good number of kernel exploits which can be used to root devices in seconds.

Towelroot V3 APK was released in early 2017 with a lot of new phones added to the family. The problem with V1 and V2 were that you can’t actually root a lot of Android phones with it as the operating Systems of Android getting frequent updates and it simply messes with the software or as a matter of fact any root apk. So, fixing this problem, the root apk has come-up with V3 APK which works on all Android platforms

UpdatedMar 24,2018
App VersionV3,V4,V5
Size0.2 MB
Requires Android Ver.4.1 and above
App DeveloperGeoHot
Official Website

Major features of Towelroot V3 APK

  • Minimal user intervention
  • Clean UI
  • Very little application size
  • Robust Code
  • Awesome support

    Towelroot V3 APK

How to download and Install Towel root V3 APK?

I think if you are looking Towel root V3 APK I assume that you are familiar with what is an “APK” and how to install an APK but if you are new to APK download and installation. Here is how to download towelroot v3 apk and install it.Please follow the below steps carefully.

  1. Download Towelroot V3 APK from our official site.If you face any warning screen ignore it.
  2. Once you have downloaded the “APK”. You have to make sure that you can install it on your device. To ensure that, enable installation from “Unknown Sources” in your device settings.This option can be found in a different hierarchy in different devices so search for it in settings.
  3. After ensuring that you have enabled unknown sources to navigate to the download location where you have downloaded the “TowelrootV3.apk” file and open it.
  4. You need to press the Install button. Let the installation continue. After successful installation clicks on launch.
  5. Enjoy Towelroot V3 APK on your phone for rooting.

Root your device using Towelroot V3 APK

Let me tell you a secret. I have been an Android developer myself and towelroot is my go-to APK when it comes to rooting my old and new devices considered for testing.This is a very handy tool for good fan base android developer developed especially to get new people to try rooting their android device to explore what the world of rooted devices can offer. It is mandatory to know the advantages and disadvantages before trying out Towel root V3 APK.

Advantages of rooting

  1. Explore the amazing world of customization by rooting your device.
  2. Install Custom ROM’s
  3. Control your battery life. Which can be a lifesaver at sometimes.
  4. Run special applications designed for rooted devices.
  5. Create your Own ROM’s
  6. Free your memory.

Disadvantages of Rooting

  1. Voids phones manufacturer warranty.
  2. Multiple buggy apps can ruin your device.
  3. Open to hackers. Your device becomes more susceptible to hackers and your privacy is on the line.
  4. Performance degradation.

Installation instructions for Towelroot V3 APK

  • After installing the APK, you should find Towelroot App in your menu.
  •  After launching the app it should be welcoming with a button “Make it Ra!n”.
  • I recommend you to back-up your Android phone before rooting.
  • If you are all set, please go ahead and click on “Make it Ra!n” which will root your phone in a couple of minutes.
  • Once you have successfully rooted your Android Phone, you should be able to gain the root access.
  • If you have successfully rooted your android device using Towel root V3 APK then it’s fine or if your facing Device not supported issue read our page to troubleshoot this issue.

Final words

If you have successfully rooted your device. Please go ahead and check with any root checker available on the android play store so that you should be able to enjoy root privileges to the fullest.

Note: Don’t forget to take a backup of your device using Tools like titanium backup before performing any root based activities on your device. This ensures that your data can restore if anything goes wrong while playing around with stuff.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Please rate our post so that we can serve you better. Comment any issues if you’re facing using Towel root V3 APK. We are always here to contribute to the community.

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